The word HOPE stands for Health, Orphans, Prosperity and Education. 

The foundation is founded by Mr. Sabih Uddin, a retired Pharmacist and his family with the sole purpose of improving lives of orphans and under privilege children in Pakistan and other developing countries by helping to provide quality education to improve health and prosperity.

HCF is a non-profit charitable foundation which is operated and financially managed by Canada Gives ( ). Canada gives manage over 100 well established charities and foundations throughout Canada. It is a registered organization with Canada Revenue Agency and fiscally responsible for all organizations under its management.

Mr. Sabih Uddin has been a Rotarian for over 18 years in North Bay, Brantford and in Waterdown. Rotary has inspired him to do service above self. Over the years beside local projects his dedication has been to " Eliminate illiteracy to Alleviate Poverty" which has shown positive results.

One of the great challenges that we face in our donations whether it is for Zakat, Sadaqa or other charities is that we are unsure if most of the money given reach the needy whom it is intended for. Many times, we do not have any control on the process of distribution and accountability.

One of the main reasons of establishing HCF is to ensure that money given is fully utilized for the needy orphans and underprivileged children and is fully accounted for.

HCF does due diligence of selection of charitable organization and have a vetting process to ensure that money reach the targeted children. We ensure that they are able to provide with progress and financial report on a periodic basis. Any donor when authorized by HCF can visit sites that we support to ensure their donations are well utilized.

Donations- Your contributions and support?

We like you to consider HCF as your tool to look after your donations of Zakat, Sadaqa or other charities for your contributions be properly utilized and supervised. We encourage you to consider part of your sharing to benefit mainly orphans and underprivileged children.

If you are making your donations on line then under " Remarks" please mention that it is for HCF and is intended for the area of your choice whether it is education, health or vocation.

Working with Canada Gives & The Not For Profit Sector

The HOPE Charitable Foundation is a family foundation within the registered charity and public foundation, Canada Gives.  HOPE Charitable Foundation makes all of the funding choices and selects charities they wish to support, and Canada Gives provides the administration, governance and oversight for the HOPE Charitable Foundation.

By working together with Canada Gives, HOPE can focus its time and energy on charities and their programs that fit our funding interests through Canada Gives, HOPE is also listed in Imagine Canada’s Grant Connect Directory of foundations.

We invite charities who wish to seek our contribution to contact us through Contact Us link on this website


United to establish a sustainable foundation that will serve as a vehicle that will reach orphans and under privileged children to enhance their lives through education and good health.


" Provide opportunities to transform orphans and under privileged children in developing countries so that they may become contributors to their nation building and peace in the world".


HCF set these goals to propel the realization of its mission and vision.

  1. Strengthen its charitable structure with partnership with corporate and individual donors to be able to fulfil its mission and vision.
  2. Work closely with individuals and charitable organizations to recognize opportunities in line with our mission and vision.
  3. Work closely with registered charities in Canada to help us achieve our objectives.
  4. Build an effective volunteer participation and professionalism in resource mobilization to establish solid financial base to be able to extend and sustain development opportunities for orphans and under privilege children in Pakistan and other developing countries.