Grand Opening Ceremony of Read Foundation School in Pothi Bhimber region of Azad Kashmir

Hope Charitable Foundation founder is proud that share the completion of our Project Pothi School in the Pothi Bhimar region of Azad Kashmir. Mr. Sabih Uddin did the grand opening day on October 20th, 2022. The event marks an important milestone for Hope Charitable Foundation and one of the core programs of our mission.

After two (2) years of working through all the regulatory work and the challenges during the stages of construction of the school’s building, we’ve finally achieved our goal and opened the school to welcome students from the community here in Pothi Bhimar region of Azad Kashmir.

The project MOU was signed in February 2020 between Hope charitable foundation and Read Foundation Pakistan to build a school in Pothi, Bhimber region of Azad Kashmir. The building was to comprise 8,900 sq feet and be a three-story building meeting all local seismic and building standards. It was to accommodate up to 500 students from KG to grade 8. It was to have science and computer labs and a fully equipped play area.

The building was completed in July 2022 and was ready to be occupied by the students. In August, students from the old rundown school were moved to the new building. There is also an addition made to have a medical clinic in the building, which will have a doctor for three (3) days per week to look after the needs of the students and the village of Pothi.

The cost of the building was provided by Hope Charitable Foundation (HCF). Three donors contributed to furnish science, computer labs, play area, and medical clinic.

Mr. Uddin went for the grand opening on a rainy day on October 20th, 2022. It was well attended by Mr. Shaukat Hussain of ICNA, Dr. Hamid Slimi of Faith of life network, Mr. Mahmood Ahmed, founder of Read Foundation, Mr. Fazulrehman, executive of Read Foundation, and Mr. Sabir Hussain, Regional Director of Read Foundation, schools.

Mr. Uddin unveiled the plaque, followed by prayers by Dr. Slimi, mingling with students, and spent the day at the school.